Minded and determined

Vlad certainly isn’t hesitant about taking bold steps. After being crowned Belgian karting champion, he made a confident move to France in 2019 at just 14 years old. Rather than seeing it as uprooting, he viewed it as a strategic leap forward, establishing himself firmly in Western Europe with resilience, courage, and a direct approach.

“My dream is to be a professional driver for a prestigious team and I realize that to get there I have to leave my comfort zone. I moved to come to France and Europe, so I could create the necessary foundations to become a professional driver. I’m proud of my successes so far and being able to work with people who can help making this dream come true.”

Although he is appreciated for his warm and cheerful side, his strength of character and determination were the driving forces in Vlad’s journey, especially when he found the mental resources to recover from an injury in 2019. Highly mature and with astonishing adaptability, he easily merged into European culture and became multi-lingual – in addition to his mother tongue, he speaks French, English, and a little German.